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High In Vitamin D

Experience a New Version of Vitamin D Rich Mushrooms

Worldly recognized for their rich and savory taste and their popularity are not just for the namesake. Our fresh Shiitake mushrooms promise to deliverall the said things with added nutritional benefit of being enriched in vitamin D.It is the best Vitamin D food for vegetarian available in the markets in Delhi NCR.

Our shiitake mushrooms are good for health and is sourced all the way from Palampur, Himachal Pradesh.

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Chemical Free 100% Natural

We live in an era where concepts of ‘wonder food’ have gained quite a bit of popularity and mushrooms boost Vitamin D naturally being one of the wonder foods.
Woodberry’s mushrooms are not just fancy and exotic looking “umbrella shaped structure” but we are taking our game to new level by making it vitamin D enhanced, which boost the immune system with its own goodness.

We believe in delivering wholesome naturally produced Vitamin D enriched mushrooms...

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