Faces of Deficiency- Vitamin D and its deficiency indicators

You think you are eating well but how do you know you are getting enough nutrients?

It is important to understand why you need to feed your body with wholesome food. Deficiency comes from long overdue of ignorance. Human body functioning is an art of nature and negligence to its nourishment brings unsavory physical and mental outcomes. Most of the nutrients necessary for human survivals are found abundance in vegetables and fruits but Vitamin D seems to lack in that department as there are only few food groups which provides vitamin D. So, one may not even know that they are suffering from Vitamin D deficiency. They are everyday signs and symptoms which most of the times we brush it under the rug. Every negligence has its own set of dire consequences. Regular sickness, bone related disease, weak immune system, muscular pains etc are few of signs of vitamin D undersupply.

Read the article linked below, where all signs and symptoms of vitamin D deficiency are listed and clue yourself in!


As Mahatma Gandhi ji said – “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver”

Woodberry believes in well-balanced food and we are coming up to you with whole bunch of nutrients without compromising your taste buds. Woodberry’s farm fresh mushrooms are enriched in Vitamin D along with all other nutrients that a normal everyday mushrooms provides. Sunlight, though being non- expensive source of vitamin D for humans is not enough to be honest as our lifestyle does not permit us to fully utilize it. Woodberry is a natural supplement for vitamin D for every age group.

We so present you – “Sunlight with taste”.

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