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Portobello Fresh

Enriched in vitamin D

₹299/200 gm

With large rounded body and a pretty flat ca...

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With large rounded body and a pretty flat cap, our Portobello mushrooms are flavor-packed, memorably chewy and have rich meaty texture with a smoky- earthy flavor to go with your weekday diet regime. Woodberry Portobello mushrooms have a rich array of nutrients, significantly high in Vitamin D that boosts your immune system.

Catalogue number:  IAPLPF201910

Common Name: 

Champignon Portobello, Flat Chestnut mushroom etc

Scientific name: 
Agaricus bisporus

Suitable for: 
Stews, Soups, Salad, Smoothies, Toppings for Pizza & omelets, Burger patties, Grilled food, Stir fry & European cuisine

Sourced from: Delhi, India

Nutritional information: 

Energy (35 Kcal per 121 gms), Carbohydrate (5.37 g per 121gms), Protein (3.97 g per 121gms), Total fat (0.7 g per 121gms) , dietary fiber (2.7g per 121gms), riboflavin, niacin (vitamin B3),vitamin D, Betaine, choline and pantothenic acid. An excellent source of selenium, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, sodium, copper, zinc, manganese


Additional information: 
They are low calories which make them suitable for people interested in losing weight. They helps to balance the overall health by preventing the various health ailments, prevent neurodegenerative diseases, helps in proper growth among children, high in antioxidant, cures pellagra and helps to maintain energy levels.

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